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"I get a slew of photographers bursting onto the Headshot Crew scene with amazing work, but when someone stands out of the crowd from the get go it's impressive. The work Balazs had been producing hit it out of the park and I immediately knew that I had to have him as the first HSC Associate representing Hungary. I hope Budapest is ready for some serious SHABANG'in cause Balazs is dialed in and pumping out incredible shots for everyone who steps foot in front of his lens."

- Peter Hurley


headshot and portrait photographer

My name is Balázs Tóth, portrait photographer from Budapest. I have always loved everything to do with photography, but in 2011 I realized that portraying people is what really excites my imagination. Each person has a completely unique face and personality, which makes portrait photography especially exciting. I think thatbeauty can be found in everyone, and minemy goalis that this to the person and to otherslet me show you.


I am constantly improving myself, I learn tricks from the biggest in the profession, from famous American portrait photographers, I mix them and then adapt the techniques according to my own taste.


In December 2015, he had the huge professional honor ofPeter Hurley, the world's most famous headshot photographerco-photographer(associate photographer)chosentheHeadshot Crewin his organization named The Headshot Crew is the world's largest portrait and headshot photography community, now boasting over 16,000 members. Of these, there are currently only 100 associate photographers in the world whose workHurleyhe finds it high enough to replace him in that citypersonally recommendthem.


THEmy greatest strength, I think that with the help of Peter Hurley I have learned to calm down anyone who is nervous in front of the camera, and thus I am able to bring out that person's most advantageous face in the pictures. The light, relaxed atmosphere is characteristic of my photo shoots, and based on what my clients say, the photo shoot itself is an experience of a lifetime.


I used to work in multi culture, I know exactly what it meansto work on time and with excellent quality. Tell me what you need and when, and I'll work hard to get the best out of the job. Whether it's studio portraits, fashion photography or on-site business photography,you can fully count on me!


If you have any questions, ask them herecontacts I am at your disposal at any time.


In HírTV's Paletta program, I talked about the importance of online image.

My interview on Manna FM.

Balázs a Radio Café Egyéletem című műsorában szerepelt. Többek közt ezekről a témákról kérdezték:

miért tartanak az emberek a portréfotózástól.

- milyen kis trükkökkel tudsz jól kinézni a fotóidon?

- mi volt a legnehezebb szituáció, amiben fotóznia kellett?

Egy nem mindennapi interjú Balázzsal az ÉrdFM Rádióban. A sok bolondozás mellett a fotózás lelki oldaláról is beszélgettek.

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