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portréfotózás smink nélkül és sminkessel

Photo without makeup vs. photo taken with professional make-up with the same settings, without retouching.

1. Makes your face full of life

As you can see in the example above, in the photo taken without makeup, it looks as if Niki is sick, even though Makk was healthy when she was photographed. 

2. It highlights your advantageous features

A good make-up artist is able to emphasize the beneficial features of your face by applying the appropriate techniques. Importantly, this is not the same as transformation. We are fans of naturalness, and we find that in the business world as well, natural makeup achieves its goal.

3. Speeds up the retouching process

Professional make-up also helps the work of our photographer, because with its help, even the raw image is so beautiful that almost nothing needs to be retouched (see above job image).


profi vs amatőr smink fotózáshoz.jpg

The work of an amateur make-up artist (left) versus a professional make-up artist (right).

Only selected expert make-up artists who meet these criteria work in our studio:

Use of professional raw materials

Our make-up artists work with branded and high-quality materials - mainly MAC products - that do not cause irritation and can be fixed for the entire duration of the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, you can also get the foundation, lipstick, etc. that best suits you, so that you can use them during the weekdays.

Compliance with hygiene regulations

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, we paid strict attention to the disinfection of makeup tools among customers. Of course, we will continue to observe this, even during corporate portrait photography with a large number of employees.

An engaging personality

We consider it important that our make-up artists are outstanding not only professionally, but also as people. We also like to work with people with whom we feel good outside of work, so you will definitely get along well with them.

fotózás sminkessel


1. Good sleep

We know this is the most difficult task, but if you have the opportunity, try to relax before the photo shoot. Sleep has only beneficial effects: smaller and less colored circles, tighter skin, etc. But if you don't manage to fall asleep, we still have a solution to refresh your face.

2. Hydration

A few days before the photo shoot, make sure you drink a lot of water. Adequate hydration tightens the skin and makes it less dry. Our make-up artist will apply skin moisturizer to your face during the photo shoot, but the end result is much better if your skin is not bone dry.

3. Pay attention to your eyebrows

Every woman can shape her eyebrows according to her own taste. During the photo shoot, the make-up artist does not have enough time to do a complete eyebrow plucking for you, only minor corrections are possible.

If you have recently tattooed your eyebrows, they usually turn red, and the make-up artist should not paint them. In any case, we do not recommend any woman to tattoo her eyebrows, especially not for the sake of photography.

4. Be careful with sunbathing and cosmetics

It is advisable to avoid strong sunlight in the days before your photoshoot, because it is very difficult for make-up to adhere to burnt skin. In the same way, make an appointment with your beautician so that he does not treat your face immediately before the photo shoot, because it is not recommended to put makeup on small wounds.

5. Be open to the suggestions of our make-up artists

Many women already have a routine for how they use to apply their makeup. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is not possible to paint your face even more advantageously. Of course, our makeup artists take your requests into account, and their goal is not to completely change your appearance. Trust me, they know what they're doing, and you'll benefit from their suggestions.

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