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Tóth Balázs portré és headshot fotós


headshot and portrait photographer

"I get a slew of photographers bursting onto the Headshot Crew scene with amazing work, but when someone stands out of the crowd from the get go it's impressive. The work Balazs had been producing hit it out of the park and I immediately knew that I had to have him as the first HSC Associate representing Hungary. I hope Budapest is ready for some serious SHABANG'in cause Balazs is dialed in and pumping out incredible shots for everyone who steps foot in front of his lens."

- Peter Hurley

Tóth Balázs és Peter Hurley

My name is Balazs Toth and I am a Budapest based portrait and headshot photographer. When I first picked up a camera in 2005 I immediately fell in love with taking pictures. It was years later around 2011 when I realised what I really enjoy is photographing people. Every person has a unique face and different personality, that’s what makes portrait photography so interesting. I strongly believe that you can find beauty in every person and my goal is to show this beauty to that individual and the whole world.


I continuously develop my skills as a photographer from the greats of the business, mostly well-known american portrait and fashion photographers. My biggest influencer is Peter Hurley, who is known to be the best headshot photographer in the world. The way he can capture human expressions amazed me, and I wanted to create something similar for my work. So I learned (and continue to learn) everything there is from him through dvds, youtube videos, books and the Headshot Crew. The Headshot Crew (HSC) is the world's largest headshot photographer network and teaching platform with more than 13,000 members around the globe.


In December 2015 the great professional honor was given to me by Peter Hurley who chose me as an associate photographer. There are only 86 associates in the HSC as of now. Later in October 2016 I assisted Hurley on his signature 3 day workshop in New York, where he selected me to become one of the 25 Mentors, who represent the cream of the HSC.


My biggest strength, I think, is that with Peter Hurley I learned how to calm down anyone who is nervous about the camera. This way I can bring out honest and natural smiles and expressions. On my photo sessions we create a relaxed and fun atmosphere where the photoshoot is not a pain but an enjoyable experience.


I worked in multi culture before, I know exactly what it is to work on time and in high quality. Tell me what you need and when, and I will work hard to get the best out of the job. Whether it's studio portraits, fashion photography, or on-site business photography, you can count on me!

Tóth Balázs portré és headshot fotós

Ági joined our team in April 2017. She helps us with managing clients, preparing the photoshoots and arranging the things around studio.


studio assistant

Tóth Balázs portré és headshot fotós

Zita is one of the few leading students of the Hungarian makeup artist master, Adrienn Páll. Zita's unique view comes from the many ages of experience in the fashion industry as a makeup artist combined with vision that she acquired during her architectural studies.


makeup artist

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